Child Care Professional & Aquatic/group fitness instructor


Sabine Thomsen
Fostering Development and Growth through Education and Physical Literacy
30+ years experience working with children ages 3 months to 12 years

Outgoing and easy to work with, optimistic and upbeat.

Am looking to expand field of knowledge in the fitness industry.

Recently taken partial certification for Power Cycling and Yoga Fit for Kids.


  • Advised parents on tips with new infants/frustrating toddlers and curious preschoolers!
  • CALA Aquatic Fitness Children's Physical Literacy Can Fit Pro group Instructor Yoga Fit for Kids
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Early Childhood Educator
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Considered an authority in Field of Early Childhood Education
  • Taught Preschool and Group Fitness Classes
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Supervised a team of 17+
  • Taught Grade 6 Catechism at St. Paul's Catholic Church


  1. -
    NANNY, Baker Family
  2. -
    Children’s fitness Coach , CanFitPro
  3. -
    Yoga Fit For Kids Instructor, Yoga Fit Canada
  4. -
    Boot camp Instructor, Currently looking for opportunities

    Enjoy working groups through various routines that allow for a variety of physical ability levels and fitness skills while providing a fun and fresh series of exercises to participate in

  5. -
    Preschool Teacher, Currently looking for opportunities


  6. -
    Group Core Instructor, Currently looking for opportunities

    Instruct participants in correct form and execution of exercises designed to strengthen the core

  7. -
    Deep Water Fitness Instructor, Currently looking for opportunities

    Fully Certified in Aquatic Group Fitness , continuing to upgrade and expand VWT. Continuing certification and education in various components of the Aquatic Fitness field

  8. CPR Certified, Red Cross of Canada
  9. Became a Grandmother

    Most exciting day since I had my own children. So excited to share all my acquired childcare knowledge with my little grandson. 

  10. -
    Child Care Team Lead, Currently Looking for Opportunities

    Team supervisor and on floor Child Supervision. Payroll, scheduling, performance management, annual review analysis, Hiring/Interviewing  


  • Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Social Media
  • Public Speaking
  • Team building
  • Budgeting
  • teaching
  • physical literacy


  • 90%
    Long term client retention
  • 50%
    New Clients Added
  • Zero
    Dissatisfied Customers

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
Working with Children in order to ensure they are prepared for a successful life full of adventure and wonder is a most satisfying experience
Who are your main influences?
Teresa Wood, Kara Hunt and Ann Norman
Describe your greatest accomplishment.
Supervision of a Child Care Centre and Preschool simultaneously as well as instructing various fitness classes!
What tools do you use?
LinkedIn Articles, Workshops and Networking
What are you working on right now?
Currently looking for new opportunities that would hopefully include both Early Childhood Education and Physical Literacy.
What are your long-term goals?
Position myself so that I am able to enrich the lives of as many children as possible with knowledge of their world as well as help them to become physically literate in their lifetime.
What would your ideal work environment look like?

Ideally I would love to work with a team that is like minded and working towards education and physical literacy growth for children in our care.  

What do you see as primary factors in successful Early Childhood education?

I feel that early childhood education must include social skill development, learning through play, physical literacy development, and growth in the children's' self esteem, confidence and self control.

How do you feel about electronic learning within Early Childhood?

I believe that children learn best with hands on experience -able to see, feel, hear and witness how things affect change in their environment and lives.

Proudest Accomplishment

Growing and developing a culture of family and care in the Child Care Department

Experience Highlights

  • Child Care Team Lead
    Repsol Sport Centre
  • Preschool Teacher
    Talisman Centre
  • Boot camp Instructor
    Talisman Centre
  • Group Core Instructor
    Talisman Centre
  • Deep Water Fitness Instructor
    Talisman Centre
  • Nanny
    Baker Family

Education Highlights

  • Early Childhood Educator
    Mount Royal University(College)
  • High School Diploma
    Father Lacombe High School
  • Group Fitness Instructor
  • Children's Fitness Coach
  • Aquatic Fitness Instructor
  • Children's Yoga instructor
    Yoga Fit canada


  • Quilting
    Design and production of various items with various quilting methods
  • Knitting
    various items some from pattern, some from own design
  • Teddy Bear Building
    made for family members and friends
  • Being a Grandmother
    spending quality time with my grandson